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White Rock

Project Overview

The property hosts a large gold system that is approximately 2 miles (3.2 km) long and 1 mile wide (1.6 km). Gold is found in the host rocks almost everywhere and elevated along and adjacent to large fault zones. Past exploration drilling only tested the structures, which returned excellent results but no infill drilling was conducted. Much of the central area of mineralization remains undrilled.

What Does White Rock Offer?

All past drilling was widely spaced with distances between holes ranging from 200 feet (66m) to about 900 feet (290m) and was open ended on trend. Current interpretation leads the Company to believe the property contains a large shallow gold system. The bulk grade of the mineral resource is comparable to currently operating large open-pit gold mines.

Projected Grade Increases

A review of 62 drill holes found 191 intervals that assayed between 0.01 opt Au (0.34 g) to 0.166 opt Au (5.7 g) over 10 to 95 feet. This spread suggests that numerous higher-grade zones will add to the overall grade. Properly planned drilling will find many more of these higher-grade zones.

Property Deal

The White Rock property consists of 258 claims covering 5,160 acres. Provenance has an Option to Purchase 100% for US$250,000 over 4 year option term. Advanced royalty payments set annually at US$25,000 after purchase completed with a 2% NSR royalty on production for the Vendor.

Property History

  • 1984 - Amax Exploration stakes 146 claims 
  • 1985 to 1989 - Amax drilled 51 holes and discovers large near-surface, low-grade gold resource 
  • 1993 - Kennecott Exploration drilled 9 holes, with highest historical grade 
  • 2003 - Terraco Gold drilled 3 holes looking for deep Carlin-type deposits 
  • 2007 - Golden Odyssey drilled 2 twin core holes 
  • 2010 - Timberline Resources optioned property, no holes drilled 
  • 2020 - Provenance Gold options property

Property Geology

The property is located in a NW trending wrench fault system and is hosted in Permian cherts, limey cherts, and limey siltstones. The property features an epithermal system with fracture controlled gold deposition. Sedimentary host rocks are silicified (jasperoids), limonitic and brecciated, with gold mineralization introduced during early structural development in stockworks in brittle zones. The nearest gold mine is Liberty Gold's Black Pine Mine which Provenance believes is in a similar geological setting.

Significant Drill Intercepts

Past work includes a total of 65 holes with an average depth of 388 feet (125m) and the deepest being 1,985 feet (640m). A sample of significant gold intercepts:

  • WR-3 - Starting at 42m, 39m at 0.48 g/t plus 19m at 1 g/t and 3m at 5.7 g/t
  • RR-41 - Starting at 2m, 73m at 0.55 g/t 
  • RR-8 - Starting at 3m, 77m at 0.41 g/t
  • RR-38 - Starting at surface, 84m at 0.35 g/t plus 23m at 0.38 g/t
  • RR-47 - Starting at 25m, 32m at 0.655 g/t
  • RR-45 - Starting at 4m, 48m at 0.49 g/t 
  • Many more not shown

Target Areas

WR3 Zone
15 holes drilled with 8 ore holes, WR3 has highest grade intercept found (0.166 opt Au), open in all directions.

038 Zone
12 holes drilled, significant gold found, step outs required 

Fork Zone
Structural intersection, numerous ore holes, step outs required 

East Zone
6 holes drilled, drilled under structure and missed, major soil anomaly

Initial Drilling Areas at White Rock


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